The majority of American Businesses use Bz Profiles as their Biographical Database. Company Management Members and all their Company Employee Members can list their Bz Profiles which describe their employment responsibilities as well as other company information that is pertinent to Outside Business Relations.

Members can also access our Bz Profiles Database to instantly view information about other companies and their employees and if they want to talk with another Business Member that is listed in Bz Profiles, they can instantly connect for a live video conference.

Members enjoy all the Membership Benefits of the They can join Bz Groups (Private or Public), participate in our Live Video Forums and use our Live Video Communication programs, including NetVisionTV. Our Biggest Buzz is "Bz Meets"; it's the most exciting business social site that connects business and consumers on the net by live video communication.

Bz Profiles was designed to produce and increase sales through "face to face" video contact with the public and business people. Members can gain knowledge about their industry to achieve their business goals by collaborating with like minded people. Bz Profile users assist other Members in solving problems and developing new opportunities. Live Video Collaboration produces new business contacts, which increases business sales. B2B and B2C Sales are increased by 200% with the use of Live Interactive Video Communication.

Register for this Social Business Video Collaboration Program and experience the Net's Most Powerful Sales Tool! To learn more about Bz Profiles Click Here.

FREE Business Listing in Network of Business Directories

Any Business can List their Business Free in any of one of the Three Network of Business Directories. The Listing can contain your Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, a description about your company and a link to your business website.

Your Business can place our Live Video Connector Button on your Business Listing in a Network of Business Directory, so anyone can connect by Live Interactive Video.

By completing the Profile, users will be able to search for you by Name, Address, Education, Job Title and the Products/Services that you offer.

Fill out the information needed for the Business Listing. You have control over the information you want displayed. Your email address is not published. If a user wants to send you a message, it will be sent to your Inbox.

Bz Meets is an Interactive Social site where Consumers and Business people can collaborate on hundreds of pre-selected subjects and Thousands of Business Related Matters specific to their Industries and Occupations.

When you Register for Bz Profiles, you can have your Employee Profile automatically duplicated and published in Bz Meets. Bz Meets is enabled with all of our Live Video Programs, so Bz Meets Registrants can access and use our Live Video Programs to contact Millions of business people, consumers and buyers to promote their business.

Bz Meets has Search Ability, so you can select subjects and recent news about your select interests. Bz Pro’s should also File their Bz Profile Employees Registration with Bz Meets by checking the Box on the Bz Profile Employee Registration Page. For More Information on Bz, Click Here.



The Bz Connector Program was developed by our subsidiary site - Network of Business. We use the “Bz Connector” name interchangeably with “Live Video Connector”.

Net of Bz puts the Bz in your Business when you use our Free "Live Video Connector", called the "Bz Connector".

Refer 10 Friends, Employees or Business Associations to use the Free BzConnector and as Free Registered Members, everyone can use BzNetVision with Unlimited Free Netcasting. Thousands of viewers will be able to see your BzNetVision Productions and Live Shows. Businesses usually experience a 300% increase in sales immediately. Social Network Followers triple in size weekly. Live Video Netcasting from BzNetVision is changing the Net!